Three Benefits Of Buying Used Freightliner Trucks For Your Monster Truck Rally

Posted on: 6 September 2017


Monster truck rallies involve the use of functional, but rarely whole, trucks and vehicles for the purpose of mass destruction in an arena ring. If you own and operate a truck derby that tours the country, you might be in need of more cars and trucks for the ring, and for special acts. While you could get them from salvage yards, this usually means that you have to send someone to go pick up the vehicles. Instead, you could just buy used freightliner trucks for sale. Here are three benefits to buying these used semi trucks for your monster truck rally.

They Are Used, So Banging Them up Is Not Painful

Smashing brand-new trucks and vehicles is a painful site. They may not survive more than a few rallies before they take on the look of a salvage truck. Used semi trucks are not banged up, but they do cost quite a bit less. Smashing them up is exciting for the crowds because the trucks look new, but are not. As the used trucks get banged up, you can continue to use them in the ring without worrying about how many hits the trucks take.

Their Cost Makes You Feel Less Guilty

Because used semi trucks only cost a third to a half of the brand-new price, you do not feel quite so guilty destroying them in the ring. Rather, you can view it more as a rational and reasonable cost of providing entertainment to the public that loves monster truck rallies. You can also feel good about modifying these trucks to blow smoke, "breathe" fire, play music really loud, explode, and/or reconstructed into a monster truck or transforming robot, knowing that the money you spent was easily regained by those in attendance of your show.

Used Semis Will Continue to Work the Arena Until They Are Totaled

Other trucks do not last as long as semi tractors. They do not have enough power to crush everything a semi can. Guests who attend monster truck rallies do so because they want to see vehicles completely and utterly destroyed. They get an even bigger kick out of seeing even bigger trucks annihilated too. Because used semis are refurbished and road-ready, you also know that just one will be more than enough to keep the excitement and destruction in the arena going for a long time.

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