Signs Your Industrial Work Truck May Have Transmission Issues

Posted on: 6 March 2018


If you drive an industrial truck for your job, then you want to make sure you catch any possible issues early on. This way, the truck can be taken in for repairs right away, and you can be given a replacement truck, so you don't find yourself stuck while you are in the middle of a job. One of the important things to do when you drive a truck for work is to become very familiar with its movements and its sounds. This will make it a lot easier for you to notice differences that can indicate issues. Here are some things you should know to look for that can indicate that the truck may be starting to have transmission issues, something that should be checked out immediately:

You hear a new humming or whizzing sound – Hearing a new humming sound coming from your work truck can indicate that there may be a bearing going bad inside of the truck's transmission. However, it can also mean that there may be an issue with a wheel bearing or a carrier bearing. Hearing a whizzing sound can indicate a possible problem with the truck's transmission fluid pump.

You notice shifting is harder – You really want to pay attention to how the shifter moves for you. This is due to the fact that when it gets harder to shift gears, and it feels like the transmission is 'slamming' into gears, it can mean there are worn components, off pressures or something else that is wrong with the truck's transmission. It can also indicate that the transmission fluid is low, so this should be the first thing that you check before you go ahead and take the truck in to be looked at.

You hear or feel a rattling or clunking – If you are hearing a rattling sound or you feel a clunking feeling, then this can indicate that there may be serious issues with the truck's transmission or with other parts of the motor. These types of sounds and feelings are something that should be looked into immediately and before the truck is driven any longer. Ignoring them can lead to catastrophic results.

You notice the shifting is slow – If you go to shift gears and you are noticing that they are shifting slowly, then this can be indicative of off pressures or worn components in the transmission. You can try to fix the issue yourself by changing the filter for the transmission to see if it is a clog and the filter change takes care of it. However, if this doesn't work or you don't want to take on the task yourself, then you'll want to have the truck looked at right away.

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