3 Tech Features To Look For When Buying A Used Car For Your Teen

Posted on: 23 October 2018


Being able to legally drive is a milestone that many people look forward to. If you have a teen who has recently passed his or her driving test, you may want to reward your child with a vehicle of their own. Used cars are great options for teen drivers.

A used vehicle will often cost less than a new car, and these used vehicles will not depreciate as quickly as a new car either. You want your teen to be safe behind the wheel. Finding a used car with the right tech features could help you feel better about your teen's driving activities.

1. Electronic Stability Control

One of the most important tech features to look for in a used car is electronic stability control. A car that is equipped with electronic stability control can help compensate for your teen's lack of driving experience.

The electronic stability control system slows each of the tires on a vehicle individually. This helps to maintain control during turns so that the vehicle can remain on course. A used car that is equipped with electronic stability control can help your teen driver avoid a potential accident in the future.

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control is a feature that comes standard on most modern vehicles. You can contribute to the safety of your teen when he or she is behind the wheel by purchasing a used car with adaptive cruise control. This feature allows the vehicle to monitor the distance between it and the vehicle in front of it.

The speed set by the driver is automatically adjusted when the gap between your teen's car and the vehicle in front of your teen is too small. Adaptive cruise control can help your teen avoid read-ending another driver while traveling on public roadways.

3. Adaptive Headlights

The ability to see the road clearly is important when it comes to driver safety. Teens might not always adjust the intensity of their headlights while they are behind the wheel. A used vehicle that is equipped with adaptive headlights can eliminate the need for manual headlight control.

Adaptive headlights automatically adjust their brightness according to the road conditions. Your teen won 't have to worry about becoming distracted with headlight adjustment, and you can rest assured knowing that the proper amount of light will be distributed by your teen's vehicle at all times when you opt for a used car with adaptive headlights.

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