The Six Different Parts Of Your Wheel

Posted on: 7 September 2019


The wheel on your vehicle, often referred to as the rim, is the structure that supports each tire on your vehicle. The wheel on your vehicle is actually made up of different individual parts; understanding what these parts are and what they are called will give you a deeper understanding of how your wheel functions, and will help you more fluently discuss tires and rims with others.

Wheel Part #1: Outboard Face

The outboard face is the part of the wheel that faces outward to the road. This is where the "design" of the wheel rests. The outboard face is also commonly called the spider for shorthand. The outboard face makes up the center of the wheel and provides the structure of the wheel.

Wheel Part #2: Spokes

The spokes are part of the outboard face. The spokes are the structures that run from the edge of the plate to the edge of the rim on the tire. The spokes are really what people are talking about when they talk about the design of rims that they like.

The spokes can be arranged in an endless number of patterns, with variations between the number of spokes, length of spokes, and shapes of the spokes. The arrange of the spokes impacts the weight of the wheels as well as the strength of the wheels.

Wheel Part #3: Rim

The part of the wheel that is actually the rim is the outer diameter of the wheel. This is the part of the wheel that meets with the tire. The diameter of the rim is one of the measurements you need when you are purchasing new wheels for your vehicle.

Wheel Part #4: Plate

The plate is the center structure of the tire. It is the structure that surrounds the center bore and the bolt circle. The plate connects your wheels to the wheel hub of your vehicle. The spokes run from the plate to the rims on your wheel.

Wheel Part #5: Center Bore

If you look at the center of your rim, there is an empty hole in the middle. More often than not, this is where you will see the logo of the wheel manufacturer placed on a cover, so that you don't have to see the hole in the center of the rim.

Wheel Part #6: Bolt Circle

Surrounding the center bore is the bolt circle. The bolt circle is where the bolts holes are located. The lugs that are used to attach the wheel to the hub of your vehicle go through the bolt holes.

The bolt pattern within the bolt circle is not the same for every vehicle. The number of bolt holes, and the exact location of each bolt hole, vary for different vehicles. When purchasing new wheels for your vehicle, one of the things you have to be aware of is the bolt pattern for your vehicle.

If you are getting ready to purchase new rims for your vehicle, or you just want to be able to talk about your vehicle in a more informed manner, it helps to know the different parts of your wheel, and how they are all connected together. Knowing the parts of your wheel can also make it easier to get the right measurements when you need to purchase new wheels, such as ESR wheels.